Healing Hands Wood Shop Rebuild Project

wood shop rebuild projectIn June, 2016, Healing Hands’ Wood Shop burned down. The Wood Shop, located in an inner-city neighbourhood in Regina, was part of a work program for youth and young adults where they built cedar strip canoes and re-purposed pallets into furniture and other creations. They also partner with other youth service organizations to support marginalized and vulnerable young people, and encourage them towards holistic  life development. Approximately half of Healing Hands’ programming was done through this shop, so this is a significant loss.

They are now in the process of the rebuild and have run into a snag. According to building codes, their new building needs a washroom. This increases the cost of the building by approximately $30,000, mostly because of where they need to trench to achieve sewer access. This is not covered by insurance, since the original building did not have a washroom.

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