Healing Hearts Ministries – Project 300

Healing Hearts Ministry
Healing Hearts Ministry

As members of Healing Hearts Ministries, Nick & Vivian Helliwell serve in Regina’s aboriginal and inner city communities. Having lived in Regina most of their lives, they offer insightful, empathetic perspectives on the street-level and First Nations ministries.

In addition to serving as Healing Hearts’ Pastor of Men’s Ministry, Nick’s ministry includes serving as a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre, being a chaplain with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health District, and visiting the Community Training Residence where men from the jail transition back to the community. To learn more about the Helliwells’ involvement in the community, please click here.

Earlier this year, Nick and Vivian suffered a personal tragedy when their eldest daughter passed away. They subsequently took in her seven children, and their other daughter plus her son moved in to help. With the foster child they already had, they now have twelve members in their household.

The stress and financial strain of the situation contributed to Nick having a heart attack in October. Being unable to work for a month enhanced their financial difficulties. They need our support! A one-time donation would be a blessing, but what they really need is ongoing monthly support. Please pray about whether you can help these valuable members of our community.

Click here for information about donating to their ministry. Important: Please ensure you designate your donation to Project 300 – Nick & Vivian Helliwell.